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Our Work

Technical Assistance for the Development of Project Proposals for Grassroots Demonstration Initiatives on Health and Environment for WHO

The project aims to develop project models that can showcase the interface of health and the environment.   Specifically, the project intends to:

  • Develop project proposals that address specific and relevant health and environment concerns or SDG targets in specific locations or setting; 

  • Employ effective, science-based, and people-centered interventions that emphasize the interface of health and environment and cooperation of relevant agencies or instrumentalities which can be replicated or scaled up sustainably. 

Development of Implementing Guidelines for the Philippine Government’s Inter-Agency Committee on Environmental Health (IACEH)

The project supported the development of the Implementing Guidelines (IG) for the IACEH to help improve the capacities of its 12-government department members in harmonizing planning, enforcement, implementation, and assessments of national environmental health activities, plans, programs, services, and policies.


Stakeholder consultations through workshops and bilateral meetings with member government agencies were conducted to develop the IG. A pre-final output (IG) was presented to the IACEH for approval and adoption in December 2018.  Continuing assistance was provided to DOH beyond contract duration until the final approval of the IG on March 3, 2020, by the IACEH. The IG was published in newspapers of national circulation on June 8, 2020.

Technical Assistance for the Assessment of 

(1) Drinking-Water Quality Surveillance (DWQS), and 

(2) Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Health Care Facilities (WASH IN HCF).

The assessment work aims to assess the readiness of pilot areas, including local government units and water utilities in implementing the proposed DWQS framework and WASH with greening approach in HCF. Activities included (a) assessment of the status of Water Safety Plans (WSP) in selected water utilities and water service providers, and (b) assessment of the type, number, and condition of WASH facilities in selected HCFs using the WASH Facility Improvement Tool (FIT). Both DWQS and the WASH FIT will be used in TA piloting and promoting specific guidelines already developed by DOH to their counterparts in the local setting.

Agreement for Performance of Work (APW) for technical assistance on WASHFIT Master Training in Papua New Guinea

Conduct of training in Papua New Guinea, using the latest WHO/UNICEF WASH-FIT methodology and training

materials that have already been developed in the Philippines.

Agreement for Performance of Work (APW) To provide technical Assistance for the Development of Training Modules for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Greening Activities in Health Care Facilities.

Preparation of training modules on Green and Safe Health Facilities, WASH FIT, Water Safety Plan for HCF, and Sanitation Safety Plans for HCFs compatible with the DOH Academy eLearning platform. 

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